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What will we have in 20 years?

Sitting here watching The Masters, the HDTV we now take for granted giving a spectacular view. Simulated 3D looks nearly real, and I’m struck with the memory of my Uncle Lindo watching wrestling on Saturday evenings with so much snow on the screen I couldn’t make it out.

Yes that was the late 70s, but in these past 30 years the changes we’ve seen are astonishing. TV, computers, music, phones, it would seem like magic to my late Uncle. To be able to contact anyone from pretty much anywhere at anytime, to look up any piece of information from any locale, its astonishing to me when I really think about it. The fact I’m writing this while sitting in my recliner with a piece of equipment that is not as thick as some newspapers and no heavier is pretty amazing when you give it thought.

Seeing the preview for the Google Glas project (whatever credence you may or may not give it) makes me ooo and aaaw like a kid in a candy store. Whether it ever sees the light of day is, of course, yet to be seen, but the point is something will, something we cannot imagine now any more than my uncle could all those years ago.

Yes, we have a lot of privacy concerns, lots of worries about corporations and governments spying on us, but all in all, its kind of an exciting time to live is it not?

Lets see what tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow bring.


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