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Is there a “better” email?

I’ve read a few articles over the past year about people trying to give up email for other options, but as of yet I’ve not seen a persuasive case for what that something is.

I think some tech geeks, me included on times, think that because its been around for ever, we need a replacement. Maybe we do, maybe its just that for what we need it’s the pinnacle already. Yes there are more instant options, and I use them, but an email is not supposed to be instant, its not a conversation. It should be a place to write thought out communications, summarized thoughts, coherent ones. I often find an email an outlet to focus my thoughts and share a consensus from an instant messenger conversation.

I’m not going to say email has reached perfection, but I’m just not sure there’s a better option, nor that we need one. It does what its intended to do, it solves the problem its intended to solve. But like everything else, someone may have a radical idea tomorrow that will revolutionize this whole field, and my opinion.

That’s part of the fun of this time in history, and bring it on. I’ll be the first to switch ūüôā


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The Death of News Media

Bear with me as I get to the point here ūüôā – Capitalism is a problem. ¬†Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not anti-capitalist. ¬†I believe everyone should have the opportunity to be able to make money from their work. ¬†But what I am anti is lack of control.¬†

This brings me back to my point, somewhere along the line, the media has become so capitalist, that they’ve stopped reporting news and started reporting agendas.

We’ve lost for the most part investigative journalism, shows like The Fifth Estate and W5 are few and far between, and, I’m troubled to say are likely censored by their owners to ensure they aren’t investigating their agendas.

I have no evidence of this, but that too is the troubling issue, we can no longer trust that news is being reported at all. ¬†Things that should be important like the purchase of military equipment with secret funds aren’t talked about. ¬†Things that make the government look bad aren’t reported. Opinions contrary to the agenda of the media outlet are treated condescendingly, not objectively. Go to Wikileaks. ¬†While you may not agree with their methods, do you really think nothing there bears reporting to us?

On a less intense side, watch your local evening news.  Tell me, when did celebrity gossip shows move into the main stream news cast?  News Flash (pardon the pun) Britney Spears getting married is not news!  Put it on the entertainment shows, fine, but I think more coverage on local municipal, provincial or state issues is more appropriate for my news.  

I know there is a line to trodden here, but its not that hard I don’t think. ¬†Yes George Clooney being arrested for Syria protests is news, because of the context. ¬†But do you see what else is wrong here? Without his arrest there wouldn’t have been any press of the protests. ¬†Tell us the news! Why are people protesting? Whats going on in Syria? ¬†Less fluff, more content please!

We need to control our capitalism in this regard, a media that caters to the agenda of its owner is not a news outlet, its a propaganda machine. 

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Time Zones, Time Changes, Time for a Change?

I wonder more and more every year why we do this silliness. ¬†I’m sure there may or may not be some benefits, but really, in today’s global world, I think they’ve diminished quite a bit.

Personally I think its time to not only do away with Standard/Daylight times, but time zones altogether. ¬†For business, wouldn’t it be easier if we said a call was at 15:00 and have that be the same time for everyone?

Or even for families with people far away. ¬†“Hey Mom, I’ll call you at 8” and not have to do any calculations? Not to mention the issues with locations that don’t use daylight savings or change at a different time of the year.

Yes, it may feel strange to get up at 11, work 1-8, and have all that be the same time as current 7, 9-5 (of course this would be location¬†dependent). ¬†But we’d get used to it, and I think the benefits would outweigh the downside, and be much more beneficial than today’s confusion.

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Feeling Irish

St. Patrick’s (Patty’s) Day is fast approaching, and while I’m not really of Irish descent, I grew up where there was a strong Irish and celtic musical community. ¬†So you’re likely to see me post some of my favorites over next little while as I enjoy the sounds and season. ¬†


Lets start with a tune from Waking Ned Devine.  

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Marketing Machine

No doubt Apple creates great products, I won’t debate that. ¬†But what they do even better is create great hype and great followers.

Can’t say I know how they do it, but man the coverage going through my reader today for what was as far as I can see just an incremental upgradewas phenomenal!

The machine rolls, and I expect the profits will again when its hits the shelves soon.

Wonder if Apple can help me promote a hot dog cart business to sell to those lining up? hmmmmmmm.

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Sherlock Holmes

Just tidying my DVD’s and looking at all my Granada TV Sherlock Holmes¬†episodes¬†with Jeremy Brett. ¬†In my opinion, he was the best Holmes, the part was made for him, or he for it. ¬†The shows are also remarkably true to the stories, which I should also probably re-read in tandem with a re-watch.

Would love to get these on blu-ray, if only for the slimmer cases, but don’t seem to be available anywhere. ¬†There are quite a few and take up a lot of space on my shelf!

WATSON! The game’s afoot!

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March Madness of a different sort

I am or used to be at least a fairly big sports fan, but I’ve found myself somewhat disillusioned over the years. ¬†It’s refreshing for me when this time of the year rolls around then, because as everyone knows, its time for curling!!! ¬†(If you thought I was gonna say March Madness, pffft on you!)

I love the game, the strategy, the shot making, I even love Vic Rauter’s tired and true commentary. ¬†I know outside Canada, and Northern Europe it’s a sport that hardly anyone has heard of, but it is growing from what I can see, most likely because of its Olympic Exposure.

I only wish there was more of it on tv, displacing some of the other crap, but we mainly only see the national and world championships.  Would love to see more from whatever source, worldwide.

Hurry broadcasters, hurry hard!

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